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 The Alabama Genealogical Society, Inc. (AGS) is a nonprofit organization chartered in 1958 to assist and support the research of its members by finding, safeguarding, preserving, and publishing records pertaining to Alabama families and their history. ​It is the only genealogical society in Alabama that serves all 67 counties.


Preserving the History and Heritage of Families throughout Alabama

We believe it is imperative to foster, encourage and promote genealogical research and preservation by and through

  • locating, acquiring, and organizing genealogical records, materials and publications about Alabama and its people;
  • encouraging continuing education in the gathering and exchanging of information, and through publications;
  • bringing together likeminded passionate genealogists with interests in the 67 counties of Alabama for the express purpose of strengthening genealogy with respect to mutual statewide issues, interests and concerns;
  •  the enrichment, enjoyment and satisfaction of its members through its activities.

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The AGS is a group of passionate volunteer genealogists that seek to preserve Alabama’s rich and unique history through fostering, encouraging, and promoting genealogical research.

We invite you to be a member of our society and receive and enjoy the many benefits and opportunities afforded to our members.

Help us to preserve our history and ignite the love of genealogy for all generations who come after us.

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First Families of Alabama

This program is our longest running program offered to members of the AGS. It allows members to recognize, preserve, and display their lineage as it relates to the creation of Alabama. It requires members to submit proof of their ancestors arriving in the area now known as Alabama before becoming a state on 14 December 1819.

Those qualifying members will receive a beautiful signed and numbered certificate, suitable for framing.

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Surname Directory

The Alabama Genealogical Society Surname Directory is maintained to promote collaboration among those with ancestral ties to Alabama.  

You do not have to be a member of the Alabama Genealogical Society to participate. Please click here for more information.

AGS Grant Program

The AGS Grant Program is our newest program and with it we aim to promote the AGS mission to, “assist and support the research of its members by finding, safeguarding, preserving, and publishing records pertaining to Alabama families and their history.” This initiative will aid local genealogical societies and individuals to invest in the preservation and accessibility of family history records, particularly those that are vulnerable to damage, loss, or deterioration.

Grants will be awarded twice per year at the biannual AGS seminars in the fall and spring. Grantees must write an article explaining their project and use of the grant money for publication in the AGS Magazine. For more information and how to apply please click here.

AGS dedicates this web site to the memory of H. Kent Lewis and all other members who have passed on, leaving behind a great vision, and many dreams and goals for the society. We will be eternally grateful for their contribution.

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