Ervin S. Cooper

Ervin S. Cooper, Mobile, AL


The Alabama Genealogical Society (AGS) is a group of passionate genealogists that seek to preserve Alabama’s rich and unique history through fostering, encouraging, and promoting genealogical research.

We believe it is imperative to foster, encourage and promote genealogical research and preservation by and through:

  • locating, acquiring, and organizing genealogical records, materials and publications about Alabama and its people;
  • encouraging continuing education in the gathering and exchanging of information, and through publications;
  • bringing together likeminded passionate genealogists with interests in the 67 counties of Alabama for the express purpose of strengthening genealogy with respect to mutual statewide issues, interests and concerns;
  •  the enjoyment and satisfaction of its members through its activities.

AGS is a volunteer organization. Its activities are carried out by elected and appointed officers and directors and numerous other members who assist on a voluntary basis.

We have established Bylaws. The Membership voted and approved amendments to the bylaws of the Alabama Genealogical Society at the General Meeting, August 12, 2023. To view the new 2023 AGS Bylaws please click here 2023 AGS Bylaws.

The Board of Directors has seen the need to revise the AGS Bylaws. A Revision dated August 10, 2024, has been prepared and approved by the Board. The next step is for the membership to vote on these revisions at the AGS Semi-Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, August 10, 9:00 am. Please click the links provided below to view those changes.

AGS Now Offers Free Research Assistance to its Members!

We are all so excited to offer free research assistance to our AGS members, and especially to our members who are trying to qualify for a First Families of Alabama (FFA) Certificate by verifying their lineage to an ancestor who lived in the present boundaries of Alabama prior to Statehood on 14 December 1819. 

Specifically, this service is to help an AGS member solve just one problem.  For example, have you reached a brick wall and can’t find the wife of a 3rd great grandfather?  Or do you need a specific document to verify lineage to qualify for an FFA Certificate.   Our experienced genealogists who serve on our new Research Assistance Committee can help you.  Our genealogy research experts are standing ready to help you!  Email your family history question to president@algensoc.org.  Your case will then be assigned to one of our genealogists who will contact you to obtain the details of your request.

Also, as a service to its members, we maintain a list of member-genealogists willing to do research for a fee. You can find the list here.

As a part of our desire to promote our mission, the society holds at least two meetings per year, each in conjunction with a seminar or workshop. Interaction and co-sponsorship of events with other genealogical and historical societies in Alabama is encouraged.

Please see our upcoming events here or go to our events page for more information and to register for the next upcoming event.

AGS has a working arrangement with Samford University Library – Special Collection Department – to receive mail and maintain records of the society. The Special Collection Department houses various genealogical and historical resources, which are available to the general public for research. Samford University is located at: 800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35229.

The Special Collection Department, Samford University Library is the AGS Depository.

Please address any correspondence to:

Alabama Genealogical Society, Inc.
PO Box 293921
Samford University
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229

If you need any additional information please email your inquiries to: info@algensoc.org.