AGS Grant Sample Proposal

Individual or Organization Name
Sample County Genealogical Society (SCGS)

Contact Email

Project Name
Sample County, Alabama Family Records Project

Project Overview
This project will include researching, compiling, and organizing genealogical records, photographs, and historical documents to create a comprehensive database of family histories in Sample County. The grant money will be spent on a Laser Color Printer/ Scanner and accessories, which will be used at the Sample County History Museum. At the end of this project, the printer will be donated to the museum on behalf of the SCGS.

Proposed Budget

Budget Breakdown

  • Purchase of an HP Laser Color Printer/ Scanner, Office Depot $350
  • Purchase of printer cartridges, Office Depot $300
  • Purchase of printer paper, three reams, Office Depot $26

Project Timeline

  • August 2023:
    • Purchase printer/scanner and paper.
    • Set it up at the history museum.
    • Train museum volunteers to work with the technology.
    • Create a database which will store local family records and historical records submitted by SCGS members and the public.
  • September 2023:
    • At the SCGS quarterly meeting, discuss the scope of the project and solicit help from local members.
    • Reach out to the local historical society and the public library to access records and resources.
    • Post a project announcement to the SCGS website and social media.
  • October 2023:
    • Create a schedule to allow SCGS members and the public to visit the museum and submit their family records via the scanner, with the help of museum volunteers.
  • Ongoing:
    • Collect and digitally preserve family documents from Sample County residents and descendants.

Expected Outcomes
The Sample County, Alabama Family Records Project will foster community engagement by encouraging residents to participate in preserving their family histories. This involves a community wide effort to interview family members and digitize relevant documents and artifacts, such as marriage records, newspaper articles, journals, and photographs. The project will result in the creation of comprehensive family histories, providing individuals with a detailed account of their ancestral connections. By facilitating the preservation of fragile documents, the grant money will provide a valuable resource for current residents and future generations interested in exploring their roots.

Potential Impact
This project will raise awareness about the importance of preserving family history and cultural heritage among Sample County residents and surrounding communities. Fragile and aging family records will be digitally preserved, ensuring their accessibility to future generations. Schools and libraries can use the compiled family histories to enrich their local history curriculum.

The Family Records Genealogy Project in Sample County, Alabama is a significant undertaking aimed at preserving and documenting the ancestral heritage of families residing in the county. By compiling family histories and preserving records, the project will provide a valuable resource for individuals interested in exploring their roots and contributing to the cultural preservation of Sample County.