The Board has approved amendments to the bylaws of the Alabama Genealogical Society. To view the new 2023 AGS Bylaws please click the link below.

2023 AGS Bylaws


  1. The number of door prizes awarded per seminar shall be at the discretion of the Vice President in charge of programs with the approval of the Executive Board. Must be present to win.
  2. Announcement of site, time and speaker (if possible) at each Society meeting for the following Society meeting.
  3. A free temporary annual membership will be awarded to all seminar speakers. At the beginning of the next fiscal year this person shall be sent a letter by the Membership Chairman inviting an application for active membership.
  4. All mail consisting of 200 pieces or more shall be sent by bulk mail.
  5. As feasible, a balance is to be left in the treasury at the end of the fiscal year to cover the cost of the first newsletter and the Spring-Summer magazine for the succeeding year.
  6. All monies shall be sent to the treasurer at the specified address.
  7. Newsletter to be published 4 times a year – one each to notify membership for Spring and Fall meetings. Notification for amending the Bylaws to be sent so that membership receives notification at least 15 days before the meeting. (Article X)
  8. Magazine to be published two times a year.
  9. First Families of Alabama Pre-Statehood 14 December 1819 applications and documentation to be placed in the Special Collections Department, Samford University Library, Birmingham, Alabama.