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(Please note: in an effort to respect the privacy of our members - no personal data has been provided for those members who are known to be living.)

Alford, Mrs. Hayden (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967 Publications Committee, 1967 County Records Committee, 1970-1972 Indexing Committee.

Allen, Mrs. Russell A. (Knoxville - Greene County) - 1974-1976 Mailing Committee.

Anderson, Leta "Aline" Chesnutt (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1991-1997 Newsletter Editor, 1991-1997 Editorial Board, 1998-1999 President, 2000-2001 Parliamentarian, 2000-2001 By-Laws Committee, 2002-2003 Recording Secretary, recipient of Alabama Genealogical Society Resolution of Appreciation. Past Vice President and member of Birmingham Genealogical Society.

Armistead, James C. (Demopolis - Marengo County) - 1970-1972 District Director, 1971-1976 2nd Vice President, 1972-1974 Mailing Committee.

Armistead, William R. (Spanish Fort - Baldwin County) - 1967 Program Committee, 1970 District Director, 1970-1972 Membership Committee.

Austin, Mrs. J. C. - 1967 Program Committee, 1970 District Director.

Baker, Mrs. James W. (Dothan - Houston County) - 1981-1983 Indexing Committee.

Barnett, Thomas P. (Demopolis - Marengo County) - 1970-1973 Publications Committee, 1972-1976 District Director.

Barton, Mrs. Willie (Jasper - Walker County) - 1991 2nd Vice President.

Bee, Mrs. Eugene S. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1972-1974 Historian.

Belinski, Joy (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1998-1999 Genealogical Resource Committee, 2000 2nd Vice President, 2000 Alabama Genealogical Society Membership & Surname Directory Compiler. Has served as Assistant Director and Director of the Birmingham Family History Center and Birmingham Stake Family History Consultant to Gadsden, Anniston, Sylacauga and Birmingham.

Blaxton, Peggy (Decatur - Morgan County) - 1983 1st Vice President, 1984-1986 President, 1984-1985 Editorial Board.

Bolen, Mrs. L. E. (Selma - Dallas County) - 1974-1976 Publicity Committee.

Bonner, Floelle Y. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - Charter member of Alabama Genealogical Society and served as 1967 District Director and 1970-1973 Publicity Committee. Second woman in Alabama to practice law for the Supreme Court. Past President of the Alabama Women Lawyers Association, past national officer of the ARC, past President of Daughters of 1812 - Wm. L. Yancey Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and a member of the Gen. Sumpter Chapter of Daughters of the Revolution. Professionally certified genealogist and author. Was married to James C. Bonner. Died February 6, 1976 in Birmingham and buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery. Survived by sister, Dorothy Y. Woodyerd of Birmingham and nephew William W. Youngblood.

Boozer, S. E. - 1970 District Director.

Boyd, Frank Ewell (Auburn - Lee County) - 1971-1974 Finance Committee. Born in 1891, he was a native of Chambers County, lived most of his life in Montgomery and worked as an agronomist with the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company. He held many positions in various organizations including the former president of the Auburn University National Alumni Association. He died in December 1974 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery. Survived by wife, Mrs. Elta Majors Boyd; son, Frank Ewell Boyd Jr of Birmingham; daughter Mrs. Marie Patterson Carnal of St. Louis, MO; three grandchildren, Frank Ewell Boyd III, Elizabeth Deramus Boyd, and Jean-Jacques Landers Carnal; two brothers, William Jennings Bryan Boyd of Knoxville, TN and William Taylor Boyd of Gadsden; and two sisters, Mrs. Sara Stone of Atlanta and Mrs. Mina Bishop of Langdale.

Brawner, Emily A. (Pelham - Jefferson County) - 1998-2003 Legal Advisor.

Brown, Deborah Diane Lowe (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1998 Hospitality Committee.

Brown, Iris Jeannine Till (Hoover - Jefferson County) - 2002-2004 Program Committee.

Bryan, Mrs. T. B., Sr. (Elba - Coffee County) - 1971-1974 District Director.

Bryant, Mrs. P. A. - 1967 County Records Committee.

Burns, Bettina Pearson Higdon (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1972-1974 Membership Committee, 1976-1977 Publicity Committee.

Burt, James E., Jr. (Talladega - Talladega County) - 1976-1979 & 1981 District Director.

Busby, Miss Rosa Lee (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1975-1976 Publicity Committee.

Byars, Mickey (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1983-1984 2nd Vice President.

Byrd, Frances G. (Troy - Pike County) - 1976-1979 & 1981 District Director. In 1978-1979 named Troy Woman of the Year. Held offices in DAR, DAC, Col. Dames, and Magna Carta Dames. An original organizer of the Pike Pioneer Museum. Born in 1907 and died in 1994. Married to Marvin Byrd. Graduate of Judson College and received a Masters Degree in Education from Troy State. Worked as a Teacher at Troy State University. They had four daughters: Carolyn, Elizabeth, Emily, and Evelyn. Moved to Troy from Verbena in 1930.

Caldwell, Dr. Tom Oliver (Vestavia Hills - Jefferson County) - 1983 Parliamentarian, 1983 By-Laws Committee, 1998-1999 Historian, 2000-2004 Finance Committee, 2004 Membership Committee. 1970 - Past President of Birmingham Genealogical Society. 2001 President of Birmingham-Jefferson County Historical Society.

Calloway, Sharron Lynn Dillard (Jasper - Walker County) - 1989-1991 1st Vice President.

Campbell, Ms. Betty Loy (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1992-1993 1st Vice President, 1994-1995 President, 1998-1999 By-Laws Committee. Former President of Montgomery Genealogical Society.

Campbell, Miss Jewell (Fairfax - Chambers County) - 1970-1972 Publicity Committee.

Clayton, Patsy (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2001 Genealogical Resources Committee.

Coleman, Patricia "Pat" (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002-2003 Family History Center Liasion, 2004 1st Vice President, 2004 Program Committee.

Collier, Marcia Kim Smith (Montgomery - Montgomery County & Titus - Elmore County) - 1992-2004 Editorial Board, 1992-1994 2nd Vice President, 1994-1996 1st Vice President, 1996-1997 President, 1996-1997 Assistant Magazine Editor, 1997-2004 Magazine Editor, 1999 Nominating Committee, 1992-1997 Alabama Genealogical Society Membership & Surname Directory Compiler, 1999 Resolution of Appreciation recipient. 1995 IGHR Scholarship Recipient and 1996 IGHR student liasion. 2003-2004 Web Master, 2001 Friends of the Alabama Archives Coordinator. 2004 Secretary - Friends of the Alabama Archives Board of Directors. Alabama Genealogical Society Lineage Book, Vol. II compiler. 1997-2004 Who's Who in American Women. Owner of Southern Genealogy Services, professional genealogist and author, compiler and publisher. Edited and published two family histories.

Collins, Mrs. Harry G. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1983 By-Laws Committee, 1981 Indexing Committee.

Compton, Mrs. Richard - 1970 Publication Committee.

Cooper, Mrs. J. N. - 1967 District Director.

Crenshaw, Annie (Wetumpka - Elmore County)- 1996-1997 1st Vice President, 1998 Program Committee. Past President of the Montgomery Genealogical Society. Author, genealogist, lecturer.

Cross, DeWitte T., Jr. (Birmingham & Helena - Jefferson County & Gulf Shores - Baldwin County) - 1998-2001 Newsletter Editor, 1998-2001 Editorial Board, 2000-2001 Circulation Committee.

Cunningham, Lady Portis (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1993 First Families of Alabama, 1994-1995 2nd Vice President, 1996-1999 Recording Secretary, 1998-1999 By-Laws Committee. Past Vice President and President of the Montgomery Genealogical Society.

Curry, Mrs. John H. (Carrollton - Pickens County) - 1974-1976 Membership Committee

Dakin, Patricia L. (Opelika - Lee County) - 1996-1997 Editorial Board, 1996-1997 Magazine Editor.

Davis, Geraldine (Talladega - Talladega County) - 1972-1976 District Director, 1976-1979 Historian, 1981-1983 Recording Secretary.

DeGroat, Mary Eugenia "Jean" (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1974 Recording Secretary, 1974-1976 Treasurer, 1974-1976 Finance Committee, 1976-1979 Auditing Committee.

Dismukes, Miss Bernice (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1970-1972 Membership Committee.

Dobbins, Miss Mary Lois (Wetumpka - Elmore County) - 1981 & 1983 Indexing Committee. Born in Randolph County, daughter of Lena Eugenia Canady and Farish Newman Dobbins. Graduate of St. Margaret's Nursing School 1952-54, served as US Air Force nurse and retired in 1978 as a Lt. Colonel, USAF, Nurses Corp. Died January 30, 1995. Survived by a sister, Mrs. Clarice Gunter of Elba and two nephews.

Dowdey, Dr. Ben (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1996 Indexing Committee.

Dumas, Brenda S. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1998-1999 Hospitality Committee.

Elliott, Mrs. John S. - 1970 By-Laws Committee.

Ellis, Mrs. John T., Jr. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1972-1974 & 1976-1977 Publicity Committee, 1974-1976 Recording Secretary.

Ellison, Mrs. Herman F. - 1967 & 1970 Parliamentarian, 1970 By-Laws Committee.

Emerick, Mrs. Barry L. (Brewton - Escambia County) - 1981 District Director.

Ervin, Mrs. C. H. (Eutaw - Greene County) - 1972-1974 & 1976-1977 Membership Committee, 1974-1976 Mailing Committee, 1976-1979 1st Vice President.

Etheredge, Mary Frances Lewis (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1976-1979 & 1983 Treasurer, 1978-1979 & 1981 Corresponding Secretary, 1981, 1983, 1991, 1996-2003 Editorial Board, 1981, 1983 Indexing Committee, 1988-1989 President, 1990-1993 Recording Secretary, 1996-1997 Assistant Newsletter Editor, 1998-2003 Publications Committee, 1999 Nominating Committee, also Certificate of Appreciation recipient. Member of Alabama Genealogical Society, Birmingham Genealogical Society, First Families of Alabama, Daughters of the American Revolution, Hoover Historical Society, and WAVES National - Heart of Dixie Unit.

Etling, Mrs. E. H., Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1981 Auditing Committee, 1981 Indexing Committee.

Fletcher, Harry R. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1970-1976 Program Committee, 1976-1978 President, 1976-1977 Publication Committee, 1978 Editorial Board. Genealogist, historian, editor of WWII German Air Force histories for US Air Force.

Fuller, Mrs. John R. (Opelika - Lee County) - 1976-1979 & 1981 District Director.

Gamble, Billy T. (Hoover - Jefferson County) - 1993-2003 Circulation Committee, 1998-1999 2nd Vice President, 1998-1999 Alabama Genealogical Society Surname & Membership Directory Compiler, 2000-2001 & 2004 Finance Committee, 2000 Resolution of Appreciation recipient. Member of Sons of American Revolution.

Gamble, Stella Ingram (Hoover - Jefferson County) - 1992-1995 Treasurer, 1996-1997 Nominating Committee, 1993-2003 Circulation Committee, 1999 Resolution of Appreciation recipient, 2000-2003 First Families of Alabama Committee. Assisted in compiling and editing two families histories. Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Geyer, Martha Stewart (Pelham - Jefferson County) - 1998-1999 Publicity Committee, 2000-2003 1st Vice President, 2000-2004 Program Committee, 2002 Alabama Genealogical Society Volunteer Appreciation Award recipient, 2004 Parliamentarian. A member of national and international genealogical societies.

Giltz, Mary Frances (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2004 Recording Secretary.

Goggans, Nellie "Nell" Motes (Epes & Livingston - Sumter County) - A founding member of Alabama Genealogical Society. 1967 & 1970 2nd Vice President, 1967 Finance Committee, 1970 1st Vice President, 1971-1976 President, 1971-1976 Publication Editor, 1976-1979 & 1981 District Director. Married to Leon L Goggans. President of the Alabama Cowbelles Association and organizing president of Brig. General Patric May Chapter, War of 1812, Greensboro, Alabama. Born in 1911 in Sumter County and died November 1995. Member and officer of Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters of the War of 1812. Survivors, one son and one daughter and five granddaughters.

Guttery, Mrs. John McQueen - 1967 Publicity Committee.

Halbrooks, William B. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1976 District Director, 1976 Publicity Committee.

Hansberger, Martha Lucille Hartline (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1972-1974 Indexing Committee. Born Sept. 15, 1921 in Dade Co., GA to Sidney James Hartline and Nettie Massey of GA. Retired from Southern Railway. Married to Ernest Starr Hansberger, Jr. Died October 17, 2001 and buried at Forest Hills Cemetery. Had son, Ernest Starr Hansberger III and daughter Martha Louise H. Britton; five grandchildren; brothers James Hartline, Charles M. Hartline, Buford R Hartline & William T. Hartline; and sisters, Carolyn Riley and Patsy Lynch. Member of DAR, Alabama Genealogical Society, and others.

Hardy, Jeanette Yvonne "Jyl" Johnson (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1996-1999 Treasurer, 1998 Finance Committee, 2000-2003 President, 2004 2nd Vice President, 2004 First Families of Alabama Committee.

Harris, Charles H. "Charlie" (Bessemer, Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2001 2nd Vice President, 2002-2003 Circulation Committee, 2003 Stage Manager, 2004 President.

Harris, James O. (Hueytown - Jefferson County) - 1974-1976 District Director, 1976 Finance Committee. Died December 3, 1976.

Head, Ronald A. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 2002 Book Review Editor & Editorial Board.

Helmbold, Professor F. Wilbur (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967 & 1970 Program Committee, 1970-1976 By-Laws Committee, 1976-1979 & 1981 2nd Vice President, 1976-77 Publication Committee, 1978-1985 Editorial Board, 1979 Acting Editor. 1970 educator, lecturer, author, and nationally-recognized genealogist and historian. He was also a librarian of Samford University from 1957 to 1983, during which time he established the Special Collection Department in 1958. He was the founder and director of the Institute of Genealogy (later known as the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research - IGHR). He served as trustee and secretary of the Board for the Certification of Genealogists in Washington and was the founding president of the Association for Genealogical Education. In addition, he was an active minister of the gospel and a pastor in North Carolina and Alabama. Mr. Helmbold was owner and president of Banner Press, a publishing company in Alabama. A native of Fowlerville, Pennsylvania, he died July 21, 1989 in Birmingham. Survivors include wife, Neola Wood Helmbold, three daughters, Neola Jean H. Trapnell, Martha Witt H. Evans, and Dale Marjorie H. Cutrer, two brothers and seven grandchildren.

Hill, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1974-1976 Publicity.

Hoggle, Bertha "Jean" (Greensboro - Hale County) - 2002-2003 Hospitality Committee. 2001 Editorial Assistant Hale County Heritage Book Committee.

Horton, Caroline Harvill (Prattville - Autauga County) - 2003 Hospitality Committee

Horton, Mildred Boutwell (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1994-1999 Parliamentarian, 1997-1999 By-Laws Committee.

Howard, Judy (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2000-2001 Hospitality Committee.

Huffstutler, Florence C. (Birmingham & Mountain Brook - Jefferson County) - Last surviving founder of the reorganized Alabama Genealogical Society in 1967. 1967 1st Vice President, 1970 Historian, 1970-1976 By-Laws, 1972-1979 Parliamentarian. Born in 1909. Died June 11, 2000 and buried at Elmwood Cemetery. Husband was J. Terry Huffstutler. Survived by son, J. Terry Huffstutler, Jr. of Guntersville, AL, 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Member in Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Colonies, the Colonial Dames.

Inabinet, Glenda (Vestavia Hills - Jefferson County) - 2002-2003 Seminar Coordination Committee, 2004 Membership Committee.

Ingalls, Mrs. Robert D. - 1967 Finance Committee.

Jackson, Marilyn "Madge" Davis Barefield (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1984-1985, 1988 & 1991-1995 Editorial Board. 1992-1996 Book Review Editor, 1993 First Families of Alabama Committee. Received the Thomas Jefferson Award by the Birmingham Historical Society.

Jenkins, Miss Mary Ann (Talladega - Talladega County & Decatur - Morgan County) - 1988-1989 Recording Secretary, 1990-1991 Editorial Board.

Johnson, Dr. L. Wayne (Huntsville - Madison County) - 1973-1979 & 1981 Director, 1976-1977 Publicity Committee, 1978-1979 Recording Secretary. Died July 1989 in Huntsville. Survived by wife, Mattie Sanford Johnson and two sons.

Jones, Ethel Sewell (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1967 Publicity Committee, 1970 Recording Secretary, 1970-1976 Finance Committee, 1970-1976 District Director, 1976-1977 Publication Committee, 1978-1979, 1981 & 1983-1985 Editorial Board, 1981 & 1983 Indexing Committee. Died October 9, 1992 at age of 89. Married to A. Hubert Jones.

Jones, Billy Jack (Auburn - Lee County) - 1970 Director, 1970-1971 District Director.

Jones, Miss Mildred - 1970 Publication Committee, 1970 Mailing Committee.

Kent, Dr. John Edward, Sr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1988 & 1990-2002 Editorial Board, 1993-2002 First Families of Alabama, 1996-2001 Finance Committee. He served in many organizations including Alabama Genealogical Society, Birmingham Genealogical Society, Registrar of the Birmingham Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, Historian for the Alabama Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Vestavia Historical Society. He was born March 1, 1917 to Willis Thomas, Sr. and Allie Brown Linch Kent in Birmingham. He received BS degree from Birmingham Southern, graduated from University of Alabama Medical School in 1950, and practiced at West Baptist/Princeton Hospital until 1982. He served in WWII, fought through Battle of Bulge, awarded numerous medals, and was highly decorated in the Alabama National Guard. He retired from family medicine and general surgery in 1982. Died June 26, 2002 and buried at Elmwood Cemetery. Survived by wife, Mildred Thomas Kent, son John Edward Kent Jr of Stockbridge, GA, grandson John Edward Kent III of Scottsdale, AZ, sister Sarah Jane Adkins of Riverdale, GA.

Kent, Mildred Elisabeth Thomas (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1988 & 1990-2003 Editorial Board, 1988 Corresponding Secretary, 1988-1991 Treasurer, 1993-2004 First Families of Alabama Chairman & Registrar, 1993-1997 Indexing Committee, 1998 Resolution of Appreciation recipient. 2004 & past President of Birmingham Genealogical Society.

Killingsworth, Julia Praytor (Sumterville & Epes - Sumter County) - 1970-1976 District Director, 1971-1974 Mailing Committee.

King, Clinton P. (Mobile - Mobile County) - 1981 Director, 1983 Historian, 1984-1985 Editorial Board.

Knight, Shirley Anne Bridges (Indian Springs - Shelby County) - 1996-1997 & 1999 Corresponding Secretary.

Larkin, Miss Margaret (Livingston - Sumter County) - 1970 By-Laws, 1971-1976 Corresponding Secretary, 1971-1976 Mailing Committee.

Larose, Jane Bergeret (Mountain Brook - Jefferson County & Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1998-1999 Corresponding Secretary, 2000-2004 Hospitality Committee.

Lee, Miss Alice Mae (Calhoun & Fort Deposit - Lowndes County) - 1970 & 1974-1978 Director, 1970-1976 Treasurer, 1970-1976 Finance Committee, 1993 First Families of Alabama. Born September 22, 1910 in Mount Willing, Alabama to Robert Evan Lee, Sr. and Emmie Lou Goodwin. Charter Member of Lowndes County Historical & Genealogical Society, the Alabama Genealogical Society and numerous historical and lineage societies. 1994 Certificate of Appreciation from Gov. James E. Folsom, Jr., Plaque of Merit from Lowndes Co. H&GS and Resolution of Appreciation from Alabama Genealogical Society. She died August 11, 2001 in Hayneville, Alabama and survived by a sister, Edna Rahn of Mount Willing, brother Robert Evan Lee, Jr., Fort Deposit.

Lewis, H. Kent (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1998-1999 1st Vice President, 1998-1999 Program Committee, 1999-2002 Alabama Genealogical Society Magazine "Computer Talk" author, 2000-2002 Stage Manager, 2001 Resolution of Appreciation recipient. Served as Secretary and Vice President of the Executive Board of the Friends of the Alabama Archives. Born in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1927. Received BS from Kent State. A WWII veteran, he moved to Birmingham in 1973 and purchased the Birmingham Coal and Coke Co. in 1974. He retired in 1993. Active in Alabama Genealogical Society, past President of Birmingham Genealogical Society, founder and President of Birmingham PAF users Groups in Gadsden, Bessemer, Sylacauga, and Anniston, leader of Computer Assisted Genealogy Group in Birmingham, coordinator of ADAH/GSU Loose Records Project in DeKalb, Jefferson, Shelby, and Walker counties. Member of Jefferson Co. Historical Society, Shelby Co Historical Society, Alabama Historical Society and National Genealogical Society. He was instrumental in the formation of the Choctaw County Genealogical Society, the DeKalb County Genealogical Society, and the African-American Genealogical Society Study Group. He was a teacher and lecturer of Computer Genealogy. He died January 30, 2003 in Birmingham and survived by wife, Lila Lewis, three children, Jan Smith of Helena, Robert A. Lewis and Tom Lewis of Bham and seven grandchildren.

Lightsey, Mrs. Roy C. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1976 Membership Committee, 1976-1978 By-Laws Committee.

Lindsey, Sara (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2000-2001 Publicity Committee.

McAuley, Miss Marion M. (Mobile - Mobile County) - 1976-1977 Recording Secretary, 1976-1977 Publicity Committee.

McBride, Agnes H. (Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa County) - 1998-2004 Program Committee.

McCarn, Mrs. O. C. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1971 Mailing Committee.

McCluskey, Mrs. A. W. - 1970 Director.

McDaniel, Benny J. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1988 Mailing Committee, 1988 Newsletter Editor.

McDaniel, Barbara O. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1988 Mailing Committee.

McEllhiney, Mrs. Milo - 1967 Director.

McLendon, Carolyn Pugh (Brewton - Escambia County) - 1976-1979 Director. Served as past President of Escambia County Historical Society in 1976-1977.

McWhorter, Mrs. Hobart - 1967 Historian.

Mahan, Mrs. William Burgess (Russellville - Franklin County) - 1970 Director, 1970 2nd Vice President, 1971-1976 1st Vice President, 1978-79 & 1981 By-Laws Committee.

Manning, Mrs. William E. Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970 Membership Committee, 1970 Mailing Committee.

Marsh, Bryan B. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1970 & 1970-72 Publicity Committee.

Martinez, Juanita (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002-2004 Newsletter Co-Editor, 2002-2004 Editorial Board.

Meadows, Linda Wilson (New Site - Tallapoosa County) - 1994- 1995 Recording Secretary.

Moody, June (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967 Publications Committee, 1970 Program Committee, 1970-1972 By-Laws Committee.

Moseley, Rev. Franklin Shackleford (Eutaw - Greene County) - 1967, 1970 & 1972-1974 Chaplain, 1971-1972 Membership Committee, 1974-1976 Historian. A historian, writer, and minister. Frequent contributor to the Hale County News in the 1940s. Pastor of Havana Charge in 1942 and Eutaw United Methodist Church from 1954-1959. Historian of the Alabama-West Florida Methodist Conference. Huntingdon College honored him with the Franklin S. Moseley Depository of History. Died August 5, 1976.

Murphy, Mrs. J. Hanson (Sheffield - Colbert County) - 1970 Director, 1970-1973 District Director. Served as State Chairman Lineage Research, ASDAR in 1972.

Myers, Bruce (Jasper - Walker County) - 1967 & 1970 Corresponding Secretary, 1967 & 1974-1976 By-Laws Committee, 1970-1971 Historian, 1972-1979 & 1981 Director, 1976-1979 Finance Committee. Born in 1902, Walker County, Alabama. Son of Robin Lee Myers and Alabama Adeline Sides. Married Mary Frances Bruce. Worked for 15 years as a teacher, 30 years State Probation and Parole Officer for Walker, Winston, and Marion Counties. Graduated from Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, TN and did graduate work at the University of Alabama. Was active in Walker Co Historical Society, Alabama Historical Association, Alabama Genealogical Society, and the Carol Elliott Regional Library Board. Compiled several publications of county records in Alabama. He died in 1983.

Nicolei, Dan (West Blocton - Bibb) - 2000-2001 Corresponding Secretary.

Northen, Betty Taylor (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2000-2004 Historian.

Norton, Ervil Powell (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967 Recording Secretary, 1967 By-Laws Committee, 1967 Publications Committee,1967 County Records Committee, 1968-1970 President, 1970-1971 Publication Editor. Married Charles Edwin Norton, Jr. Moved to Hobe Sound, Florida in July 1971. Died January 22, 1997 in Stuart, Florida.

O'Bannon, Robert H. (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1970 Membership, 1970-1971 Finance Committee. 1978 was first President of Montgomery Genealogical Association, later known as Montgomery Genealogical Society.

Odom, Reba (Jasper - Walker County) - 1988 Recording Secretary.

Osment, Dr. Lamar Sutton (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002-2004 Finance Committee, 2004 Book Review Committee.

Pate, Mrs. R. M. (Ashford - Houston County) - 1974-1976 Publicity Committee.

Payne, Carol Barfoot (Pelham - Shelby County) - 1998-1999 Hospitality Committee, 2000-2001 Recording Secretary, 2002-2004 Newsletter Co-Editor, 2002-2004 Editorial Board.

Pearson, James N. (Nauvoo - Walker County) - 1970 Finance Committee, 1970-1972 District Director.

Pirkle, Joanne S. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1983 Corresponding Secretary.

Polk, Bill R. (Leeds - Jefferson County) - 2002 Treasurer. Born in Columbus, MS to Mr/Mrs Dewey Elton Polk. Graduated Mississippi State University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Worked for Sonat for more than 29 years. Member of numerous organzations including Alabama Genealogical Society, Birmingham Genealogical Society, Lamar County Genealogical Society, and Computer Assisted Genealogical Society. Died July 14, 2002 and buried at Forest Crest Cemetery, Birmingham. Survived by wife, Elaine Gallon Polk; sons, Andrew Gallon Polk of Leeds and Jason William Polk of Mobile, grandsons Ray Gallon Polk of Leeds and Zachary Alexander Polk of Mobile, Erby Polk of Pleasant Grove and sister Doris Johnson of Centreville.

Porter, Kathryn Hicks (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002 2nd Vice President.

Privett, Mrs. John B. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1974-1976 Membership Committee.

Riley, Lucile Pease (Auburn - Lee County) - Charter member of Alabama Genealogical Society. 1967 & 1970 Treasurer, 1967 & 1970 Finance Committee, 1970 Corresponding Secretary. Native of Atlanta, GA. Married William Leonard Riley. Graduate of Montevallo College and member and past president of the American Legion Auxiliary of Auburn. Member and past officer of the DAR, UDC, Alabama Genealogical Society, and East Alabama Genealogical Society, and member of Daughters of the American Colonists. Died August 11, 1971 in Columbus, GA. Burial in Auburn Memorial Park. Survied by daughter, Mrs. Virginia Riley Noo of Auburn, six grand children, and three aunts.

Robicheaux, Miss Elizabeth Nell (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1976-1978 By-Laws Committee, 1978-1981 President, 1978-79, 1981 & 1983-1985 Editorial Board, 1981 & 1983 Indexing Committee.

Robinson, Nancy Lee Greer (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1988 & 1990-2003 Editorial Board, 1988-1995 Magazine Editor, 1993 First Families of Alabama, 1998-2003 Circulation Committee, 1999 Nominating Committee, 1998 Resolution of Appreciation recipient, 2004 Membership Committee.

Saeger, Paul H., Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002-2004 Treasurer.

Sanders, Laurie - 1988 & 1990-1991 Editorial Board.

Schroeter, Rev. George H. (Mobile - Mobile County) - 1983 Chaplain.

Scruggs, Dr. Bertice Quinn, Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1988-1991 Parliamentarian.

Seay, Elizabeth Slater (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1976 Publications Committee. Past President of Birmingham Genealogical Society - 1971 & 1974. Married Thomas Seay. Died April 21, 1979.

Segrest, Florida Broward (Tuskegee - Macon County) - One of the founders of Alabama Genealogical Society. 1967 By-Laws Committee, 1967 Director, 1970 1st Vice President, 1970-1971 President, 1970 Finance Committee, 1973-1977 Publications Committee, 1978-1979 Editorial Board. Served on the faculty of the IGHR at Samford. Born 1905. Born into a long line of politicians, her father served as Governor in 1904, her grandfather served in the first Florida legislature in 1845. And her mother, the first woman in Florida to serve on a school board. Graduated from Randolph-Macon Women's College and began teaching Latin and home economics in Pisgah. Married Henry Neill Segrest, young lawyer she met while at graduate school at University of Alabama. They moved to Tuskegee where his family has lived since 1833. Mr. Segrest opened a law practice in Tuskegee in 1937 and Mrs. Segrest worked with him for 22 years. First woman ever elected to serve as chairman of a county commission in Alabama. She stepped down from her commission office February 1, 1975. She died in 1988 and had 5 sons and 19 grandchildren.

Seidel, Lynn (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2004 Family History Center Liasion.

Shelton, Mrs. F. A. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1972-1976 Index Committee.

Shepherd, Dr. C. A., Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1981 Director.

Simpson, Mrs. H. L. (Minter - Dallas County) - 1970-1972 Director.

Smith, Hester Moore (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1976-1979, 1981 & 1983 Finance Committee, 1978-1979, 1981 & 1983-1985 Editorial Board, 1988-1991 Chaplain. Active family genealogist, co author of several books on genealogy. Member of SAR, Sons of the War of 1812 and Military Order of the World Wars. Also served on various positions in several historical societies. Died June 29, 1994 Covington, GA. Survived by son and grand daughter, two brothers and two sisters.

Smith, Joy Naff Hansberger (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1971-1977 Indexing Committee. Daughter of Wilbur Ernest Hansberger and Jodie Virginia Naff. Married Frank Chester Smith. Died February 1980.

Southerland, Henry deLeon, Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2001 Alabama Genealogical Society Appreciation and Gratitude Award recipient. Authored book, The Federal Road Through Georgia, the Creek Nation, and Alabama 1806-1836. Active in Sons of the American Revolutions and other historical societies.

Spence, John Morgan, Jr. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1990-1991 Editorial Board, 1990-1991 President. Born 1923 to John Morgan Spence, Sr. and Edna Earl McCarley. Dedicated family historian and author. WWII veteran US Army. Graduated Auburn as Agricultural Engineer. Retired from Ala. Power Co. Died January 20, 1996. Survived by wife, Norma Lee Chadwick; daughter, Deborah Spence Easterwood, both of Birmingham; brother: late James Henry Spence; four sisters, Lena Elizabeth Spence of Florida, Sarah Lee Slagle of Lafayette, Edna Eugenia "Jean" Nunn of Lafayette, and Mary Kathleen Hughes of Florida.

Spratling, Benjamin Barnett, III (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1990-2004 Editorial Board, 1992-1993 President. Faculty of IGHR at Samford University.

Stallworth, Mrs. Lewis A. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1977 Indexing Committee.

Steele-Mahaffey, Susie Evaughn Pierce "Sue" (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1998-2001 Book Review Committee, 1998-2001 Editorial Board, 2002-2003 Seminar Coordination Committee. Member of DAR, Colonial Dames and Magna Carta Dames.

Stephens, Gertrude J. (Spanish Fort - Baldwin County) - 1972-1974 Publicity Committee.

Stephenson, Mrs. H. K. (Selma - Dallas County) - 1972-1976 District Director.

Stewart, Mary N. (Brundidge - Pike County) - 1974-1976 Membership Committee.

Strong, Mrs. Ernest S. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1971 Mailing Committee.

Strother, Elizabeth Ellen Wright (Dadeville - Tallapoosa County) - 1970-1972 District Director. Past President of Tallapoosa Historical Society.

Taylor, Mary Alice Parker (Gardendale - Jefferson County) - 1992-1998 Editorial Board, 1992-1995 & 2002-2004 Corresponding Secretary, 1993 First Families of Alabama, 1993-1995 Indexing Committee, 1996-1997 2nd Vice President, 2003-2004 Nominating Committee.

Terry, Frank E. (Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa County) - 1978-1979, 1981 By-Laws Committee.

Thomas, Brenda (Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa County) - 2002-2004 Publicity Committee.

Thomason, Mrs. John R. (Leeds - Jefferson County) - 1967 Publication Committee.

Thompson, Arminda Howell (Heflin - Cleburne County, Auburn - Lee County & Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1988-1997 Historian.

Tillery, Barbara Ann Turner (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002 Genealogical Resources Committee.

Tomback, Sharon Morrow (Bedford, NY) - 1992-1999 Query Editor & Editorial Board.

Townsend, Sharon T. (Demopolis - Marengo County) - 1984-1985 Editorial Board, 1988 Treasurer.

Traylor, Rosa L. (Tyler - Dallas County) - 1981 & 1983 Indexing Committee.

Trigg, Florine Hagood (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970 Director, 1970-1972 District Director, 1972-1974 Membership Committee. Native of St. Clair County. Married to Jack W. Trigg. Taught at Bessemer High School and Woodlawn High School and retired in 1964. She died May 17, 1989.

Tucker, Charlotte Green (Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa County) - 1998-2004 Program Committee, 1999 Nominating Committee. Active in the Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society.

Vaccaro, Michael Thomas (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 2002 Finance Committee.

Waites, Larry Lee Bishop (Montgomery - Montgomery County & Vestavia Hills - Jefferson County) - 1978-1979 Director, 1981 1st Vice President, 1984-1985, 1988 & 1990-1995 Editorial Board, 1988 & 1990-1995 Assistant Magazine Editor, 1988-1991 2nd Vice President, 1991 Corresponding Secretary, 1993-1999 First Families of Alabama Committee, 1994-1997 Publications Committee, 1998-1999 Circulation Committee. Born in 1914. Publisher of four family history books, driving force in the revitalizing of the Alabama Genealogical Society in the 1980s. Member of Alabama Genealogical Society First Families, Daughters of the Confederacy. Married Paul Waites. She died August 29, 1999 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery. Survived by three sons, Larry, Doug and Ray Waites, six grandchildren, three great grandchildren, one sister Juanita Knight, three sisters in law.

Walker, Bobby (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1978-1979 Corresponding Secretary, 1981 Treasurer.

Walker, Ray (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1998-1999 Finance Committee, 2000-2001 Treasurer. Active in Sons of the American Revolution and has served as an officer of the Birmingham Genealogical Society. He has also published a family history book.

Walker, Rev. J. Frank (Double Springs - Winston County) - 1970-1971, 1974-1979 & 1981 Chaplain, 1972-1974 By-Laws Committee.

Wallace, Mrs. J. J. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970-1972 Index Committee.

Ward, Norvia Faucett - 1970 Membership Committee. Daughter of Walter Ford and Alma Kinnaird Faucett of Bent, Bibb County, AL. Married James Mayfield Ward. Died February 1973.

Weems, Miss Nancy McLester (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1976-1978 Corresponding Secretary, 1978-1979 Auditing Committee, 1983 Indexing Committee, 1984 Seminar Coordinator, 1988 1st Vice President.

Wells, Elizabeth Crabtree "Liz" (Vestavia Hills - Jefferson County) - 1982-1984 President, 1984 & 1988 Editorial Board, 1998-2004 Hospitality Committee, 2003 Nominating Committee. Recipient of the Martha Washington Award from the Birmingham Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution in July 1990. Past President of Birmingham Genealogical Society 1979-1980. Special Collection Director at Samford University Library. Past president and charter member of the Society of Alabama Archivists, past President of Alabama Historical Society. Co-author and lecturer.

Whitson, Mabel Elizabeth Hulen (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967 By-Laws Committee. Born July 12, 1907. Married to Bethel Webb Whitson. Noted creative ceramist, poet and writer. Died March 13, 1980. Children: Mabel Elizabeth "Bette Mae" Adams and Mary Katherine "Tina" Dupke.

Williams, Ms. Julie (Montgomery - Montgomery County) - 1978 Editor, 1978 Editorial Board

Willoughby, Miss Mabel E. (Dothan - Houston County) - 1981 & 1983 Indexing Committee.

Wilson, Mabel Ponder (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1970 Publication Committee, 1970-1974 Program Committee, 1972-1974 District Director, 1973-1974 Publicity Committee. Native of Decatur, graduated from Birmingham Southern in 1928. Veteran Birmingham school teacher and principal, author, genealogist and historian. Actively served in many positions in the Daughters of the American Revolution. Also member of Alabama Genealogical Society, US Daughters of 1812, DAC, and other historical and educational societies. Died August 18, 1974 and buried at Elmwood Cemetery. Survived by husband, Otha Bernon Wilson, son Joseph Wheeler Wilson, and brother Reese Leon Ponder Sr.

Witte, Karolyn (Center Point - Jefferson County) - 2002-2003 Seminar Coordination, 2003 Nominating Committee.

Woodyerd, Dorothy Y. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1967-1968 President, 1967-1968 Magazine Editor. 1970-1976 Program Committee, 1978-1979, 1981 & 1983 By-Laws Committee, 1981 Parliamentarian. Member of many literary and historical societies. DAR State Regent, Josiah Brunson Chapter and Vice President General of State DAR. Married to Hollis E. Woodyerd. Graduated from Howard College and the University of Alabama. Died December 12, 1988. Sister Floelle Y. Bonner and nephew William W. Youngblood.

Wright, Mrs. Leslie S. (Birmingham - Jefferson County) - 1976-1979 & 1981 By-Laws Committee.