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Published twice a year, the multi-award-winning AGS Magazine is filled with helpful tips and articles pertaining to genealogical research, such as census, land and marriage records, civil war and regimental rosters, family histories, and more. Other features include Bible records, cemetery abstractions, computer-assisted genealogy and creative genealogy articles. Various books and publications are donated from publishers, authors, and editors for book reviews. For examples of topics see Past Issues - Contents Index. Many back issues of the AGS Magazine on the Web are published by the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

If you have an article in progress, or have a title that you are thinking of turning into an article, please submit it for consideration by sending it as an attachment to the Magazine Editor. Or if you prefer, mail a file on CD or paper copy to AGS Magazine, PO Box 293921, Samford University, Birmingham, AL 35229.

NOTE: Mailed Submissions will not be returned unless a SASE is included. To avoid delays in evaluating your submission, please read and adhere to the submission guidelines.


Published quarterly on our web site in PDF format, the AGS Newsletter provides current information about the Society, the Board and our activities; dates and times of our meetings; biographies of our speakers; news of other genealogical societies, archives and libraries; articles of interest, and timely tips for researchers.
Target Dates for Periodical Publications
The MAGAZINE is mailed by the 10th of...
June - Spring/Summer Issue;  December - Fall/Winter Issue
The NEWSLETTER is posted on the web by the 1st of...
March - Spring Issue;  June - Summer Issue;
September - Fall Issue;  December - Winter Issue
An email notification is sent to all AGS members when the latest newsletter issue has been posted.
Note: We mail our magazines at reduced rates for bulk delivery. The delivery time varies from one postal zone to another. Members in good standing who have not received a publication within two weeks of the above dates should send an email to the Treasurer.