Membership Policy

Membership is for one calendar year. Classes of membership are:
“Individual”, “Family” and “Library-Society” as defined in the Bylaws (Article III, Section 3, A, B & C). The Bylaws of the Society are available on the web at AGS Bylaws.

New Membership

(1) One can join AGS during any month of the calendar year upon submission of the application form and payment of dues applicable to the desired class of membership. Upon activation the member will receive full benefits of membership including back issues (if available) of the current year’s magazines and newsletters published prior to joining.

(2) New members joining in the last quarter (October – December) will receive member benefits for the balance of the current year but membership will be credited for the following calendar year unless the joining member states on the application the option to have their membership begin in the current year to receive member benefits as described in (1) above.

Membership Renewal

Dues are payable in the month of January. If dues are not received by the last day of March, the member is considered inactive and will receive no further benefits of membership. An inactive member can renew at any time under the same provisions of joining as a new member.