Loose Records Project

The Alabama State Archives partnered with the Genealogical Society of Utah to work with each Alabama county to preserve loose records. The type of court case varied in each county.

After file preparation, GSU (now FamilySearch) filmed those loose records and made them available on FamilySearch. GSU also gave a set of films to the county and another set to the State Archives.

Many counties produced an index as a result of this effort. AGS is attempting to locate indexes from counties across the state to post on our website. Tuscaloosa County made an index that included every name, film number and case file. Now that those films have been digitized the index was updated to include the DGS number and image number in the last two columns.

We are excited to offer this index for viewing on our website and will add more as we locate and receive them.

Tuscaloosa County Loose Record Index