Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Below you will find additional information regarding the Loose Records Project as well as an excellent tutorial provided by our AGS Membership Director, Jan Hutchison.

The Loose Records Project is a result of many volunteers across the state that participated in the preparation of the records. The papers were opened, cleaned and flattened to go into folders. In many counties the files were read and names in the file were added to the folder. GSU (now FamilySearch) microfilmed those loose records and made them available on FamilySearch. Rolls of film were given to each county and to the Alabama State Archives. In the later stages of the project, the records were captured digitally and counties received backup drives with images instead of films. With updated technology, all the films have been digitally converted and placed on the FamilySearch website.

Our goal is to link all counties to their loose records filmed by FamilySearch. This is where YOU come in! We need volunteers willing and able to help us reach our goal. You do not need to a member of the AGS in order to volunteer but we would love it if you would consider becoming a member. While you do not need to be a member, you will need a free account in order to access the records/images.

Once we have linked all counties, the file for each county can then also be placed on the county website or society page. Finally, we will add a comment in the FamilySearch wiki as to where to find the index and records.

Currently, FamilySearch has 22 counties listed as indexed in their collection Alabama Estate Files, 1830-1976. The list of counties will appear when you click Browse All Images. Some of these counties appear to be a complete index but others are only name ranges or the index is done for a few names. One may not know if a folder/name has been missed without looking at the actual film.

Once on board as a volunteer a film number will be assigned for the county of your choice. Instructions will be shared and support will be available to you. The actual linking process is easy and finding the folder of a film gets easier with practice.

We would love to have you join our team! Isn’t it fun to have common interests and work toward common goals? Please contact, Jan Hutchison, AGS Membership Director today to get started!

Please watch this short instructional video to see just how easy the linking process is.

*If you have any issues accessing the video, please contact